Ski Rental - 3x in Hippach

Your Ski Rental and Snowboard Rental Fankhauser in the ski areas Hippach - Mayrhofen Tirol offers you perfect ski equipment for your ski vacations!

3x Sport Shop and Ski Rental Fankhauser in the ski areas Hippach - Mayrhofen Tirol!
Perfect maintenance and preparation for highest safety and skiing pleasure...

For our Ski Rental clients we offer a free Skidepot at the Horberg base station!

Our locations

Sport Fankhauser im Zentrum von Hippach

Sport Fankhauser
in the centre of Hippach
Augasse 6
6283 Schwendau
Tel. +43 5282 3386

MO-FR  8.30-12 & 14.30-18
SAT 8.30-18
SUN 8.30-11 & 15.30-18

Sport Fankhauser - direkt an der Horbergbahn, Zillertal

Horberg base station
directly at the cable car station
Kohlstatt 263
6283 Schwendau
Tel. +43 5285 63295

daily 8.00 - 17.30

Horberg top station
in the skiing area Hippach - Mayrhofen

Tel. +43 5285 62277 680

daily 8.30-17.00

Ski Rental

Prices Ski equipment1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6/7 daysevery further day
Kids ski 70 - 90cm6,-11,-16,-20,-24,-27,-4,-
Kids ski 100 - 140cm9,-16,-23,-29,-35,-41,-6,-
JUNIOR - BASIC Ski15,-27,-39,-49,-57,-64,-8,-
SILVER - TOP Ski18,-34,-49,-62,-75,-85,-11,-
GOLD - VIP Ski23,-44,-62,-80,-95,-106,-14,-
PLATIN - Premium Ski29,-58,-84,-106,-122,-136,-16,-

Ski- & Snowboardboots

Prices Boots1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6/7 daysevery further day
Ski Boots to size 355,-9,-12,-15,-17,-19,-2,-
Junior-Basic Ski Boots6,-11,-16,-20,-24,-28,-4,-
TOP Ski/SB- Boots8,-16,-23,-30,-36,-42,-6,-
Test Ski Boots

Snowboard Equipment

Prices Snowboard1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6/7 daysevery further day
Kids SB-Set to 130cm18,-34,-49,-62,-75,-85,-11,-
SILVER - TOP Snowboard18,-34,-49,-62,-75,-85,-11,-
SILVER - TOP Snowboard & Boots24,-45,-65,-82,-99,-113,-14,-
GOLD - VIP Snowboard23,-45,-67,-86,-101,-112,-14,-
GOLD - VIP Snowboard & Boots29,-56,-83,-106,-125,-140,-18,-

Helmets, Cross country skiing and Accessories

Prices Accessories1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6/7 daysevery further day
Cross country skiing
Ski incl. Poles9,-17,-25,-31,-36,-41,-5,-
For even more fun in the snow
Big Foot & Snow blade15,-27,-39,-49,-57,-64,-8,-
Sledge, Toboggan7,-13,-19,-23,-27,-29,-4,-
Kids Helmet
Helmet for adults5,-9,-13,-17,-21,-25,-3,-

The nominal fee against breakage and theft is 10% of the rental price!


For the winter season 17/18 we are looking for:

  • Skiinstructors
  • Employees in
    Rental, sales and front office

Part or full-time employment